Artistic Gel Polish Hype Neon 15ml

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Artistic Nail Design presents Colour Gloss Soak-Off Gel Colour. The
colour’s in a bottle with a twist-on cap and applicator brush and
beautifully glides on nails (and toes) just like nail polish…then, just
like gel, it’s lamp-cured: in a LED light it takes 30 seconds for Colour
Gloss to cure or, in a UV lamp it’ll be all done in 2 minutes …drying to
a flexible yet strong, residue-free, super-shiny lacquer-like gloss.
Colour Gloss is available in dozens of colours, from demure to dynamite.

Best of all, Colour Gloss stays put for a long, long time: its gorgeous
hues and high-sheen finish will last for up to three weeks without
chipping, dulling, crackling or peeling. Next visit, Colour Gloss soaks
off quickly and completely, in moments, without any damage to the
natural nail.

Specification: Artistic Gel Polish Hype Neon 15ml


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