What is a CSS Platform?

Put simply, CSS platforms are channels in which to bring your shopping ads to the Google search results page, without going through the default option. Google’s search engine results pages (SERP) sell the shopping space at the top back to Google Shopping. However, this market has been opened up, meaning CSSs can place Shopping ads on Google on behalf of merchants!


Okay, so why should I use a third party CSS provider over Google?


The key advantage of using any CSS provider is the incentives offered Google. These come in the form of CPC reductions & AdSpend Rebates. That’s it. Some providers may offer you things like free feed reviews & ‘data scientists’, however there is no realistic variance from one CSS provider to the next in terms of tangible benefits, until INYDY.


If you are not using a CSS provider in 2019, then you are at a large disadvantage from your competition.


What sets INYDY Apart


Unlike our competitors, we started off with both the merchant and the user at the center of everything. Many of the current CSS websites out there are simply shells that host product feeds, and are in no way designed to be anything more than that. Even our team, with years of experience in ecommerce digital marketing, found it impossible to navigate around some of them!

We then worked on what all parties ideal CSS partner would look like. For merchants that would be; a simple onboarding process, a dedicated account manager, and a very reasonable pricing structure. And for users, our website has been specifically designed to be as conversion friendly as possible. Our primary KPI is the percentage of our site visitors that then become your site visitors.


We are also incredibly enthusiastic about driving traffic to our site, and not just new merchants that we can help save ad revenue, but the type of visitors that want to buy their products!


Our goal is not just to do the standard stuff all other CSS providers are offering, but to make sure that we can become a whole new sales channel for your ecommerce business.



We work with both agencies looking to bring on a volume of accounts, and individual clients.

Get in touch to see how we can work together!

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